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                                    HELLO TEENS

  Hello teens, please come with me on a tour round your neighbourhood and do classify with me the   types of person you see as we drive pass. You certainly remember some of them who seemed disillusioned with life, don’t you? What about the young man we saw in dirty t –shirt? Did you also noticed the young prostitute we met at the popular bar? That boyish looking tout we saw under the bridge? How about the bread seller- the one that is pregnant and also carrying sickly baby? How about that your classmate who “graduated” to being a mother when she when home after your JSS exams?

  Let’s recall the other people we saw or read about. The young lady whose news is everywhere the broke a hundred year record in University of Mysore India and bagged with twenty gold medals. More also the first black lady to become a PhD in Aircraft Engineering in USA. What about the girls who finished from your school and graduated with first class at age twenty?

  Now what do you think is responsible for what they eventually become in life? Or better put, what separated the student who excel from others? Remember none of them set out to be failure. CHOICES! Right and wrong choices.

  Life is full of choices. Greatness isn’t reserved for a preordained few. It is available to you and to everyone. No matter the great potentials God has bestowed on you or well-meaning your parents desires for you, you are the one who decides what will become by the daily choices you make.

  This reminds me of a sixteen year old girl who is pregnant for a twenty year old boy. She had gone to spend the holiday with her cousin and saw it as an opportunity to “enjoy” life, so went experimenting with immorality. My dear, take care that your pleasures are real and not imaginary. We do many things because they are called pleasure which we should hate if they went by any other name. Many people thinks they are enjoying themselves merely because they are doing nothing useful. This was a child that has just been offered admission to study Law in the University, that caused her her future and ended her journey of become a heroine in that foolish choice.

 Mom and Dad will not be the one to make choices for you. Theirs is to guide you in the path of life, yours is to walk n it or not. But remember, every choice you make has its own consequences- Good or Bad. What brought our character to where they are is not faith or luck but their choices. For some, it was disobedience or rebellion, to some- immorality, laziness, lack of focus that brought them to where they are today.  So it is up to you to choose what you will become in life- a rascal or raising star, a dropout or a doctor, a fulfilled achiever or a frustrated loser, an asset or a liability. Your choices today will either brighten or blacken your future.


  You are a loaded package of God-given potentials. Talents, gifts and abilities that needs to be unlocked are embedded in you. All who have ever become anything meaningful in life are those who are able to discover their God-given potentials, develop and make the best out of them. I mean those that are not distracted by the different wired cultures our schools-both in mode of dressing, choice of language   and worst of all the manner in which we study for lack of study itself. This trend has given rise to generations of undergraduates who prefers to imitate life than to live life, pretend to be studying than to actually be studying. Schools have turned to campuses “students” parades themselves in nakedness and behaves as if they are going for excursions in the jungles. But then, those who are determined, focused and hardworking still becomes fulfilled heroines. 


  1. Aspiration: What is your aspiration? What do you really want to become in life? Then be willing to give up all entanglements or distractions to archive it. Determine to consciously work towards it. Nothing ever happens by chance without self-motivations, you will not go far in life. This young lady whose news is everywhere that broke a hundred year record in Mysore University India did not pick it up by the road side of NFA (No future ambition) chose to be the best.
  2. Aspiration without diligent effort to bring it to reality becomes mere wishes. You sweat out those aspiration through hard work. Invest your time and energy on things that will propel you towards your goal in life. If you choose to be part of the culture and trend that exist in schools today it will be impossible for you to cultivate the true culture of study which will give birth to your aspiration, success is never served on a platter of gold it takes aspiration.

    Remember you are the sole beneficiary of your choice in life. The peace prosperity, happiness, recognition that comes from a life time of right choices accrued firstly and mostly to you. If you choose to end up on the wrong side of life, you will have yourself to blame

    So I implore you choose right and make hay while sun shines. It shall be well with you all


By Mrs Okafor Nkechi